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Belfast Office Cleaners - Office Cleaning Guide NI

All Ireland
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Date posted: 2020-07-01 15:30

The Go-To Office Cleaning Guide

Keeping a clean and tidy office is a must, so whether you are keen to have a go-to guide for keeping your own office space spick and span or you have been hired to keep someone else's office the same way, here is your quick guide to getting it right.

What To Sanitize

Granted, we need to sanitize most things within the office, however, having an actual list to follow can come in really handy. It saves us from missing important things and also makes us feel great as we tick them all off each time we clean the office. So here we go, our list is not exhaustive and all offices and have different things in them, but this list should get you started:
- All phones within the office
- All workstations within the office
- All handles and doorknobs
- All light switches
- All office appliances such as printers, scanners and so forth
- All computer keyboards
- Any food preparation area
- Any reception area.

What Yo Dust

Dust can gather really quickly in an office and quickly make it look dirty and uninviting. Taking a duster and lightly dusting off most things you see will help but if you would like to have a list to follow then this one should help:
- All surfaces
- All computer monitors
- All light fixtures
- All corners and areas that are inviting for cobwebs
- All door frames.

Caring For The Floors

Many offices have carpet on the floor, although some have hard flooring or a mixture of both. Whatever the case, be sure to use the correct appliances. Usually,it's a good idea to clear the floor space as much as possible, including the removal of any trip hazards before you start. Next move on to hoovering the floor, paying special attention to corners and high traffic areas. Once you have hoovered, use the correct mop and floor cleaner to wash any hard floor areas and ensure that you mark these as hazardous until they are fully dry.

The Bottom Line On Office Cleaning

Offices tend to have a lot of traffic each day and the secret to ensuring they are always clean is to keep on top of all tasks before they become an issue. By providing a daily clean of the office it ensures that the workspace is always inviting, safe and a place where there is much more chance of efficiency and hard work taking place!

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