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Galway Massage Therapy at Office Kneads Galway

Date posted: 2020-06-25 17:59

Why Office Massage Is Necessary

We live in a world that provides challenges on a daily basis - and nowhere is that more true than we are faced with the stresses of the business environment. We are seated in from of a computer for much of our working lives and we are often faced with chairs and desks that have not been designed with the best of ergonomic intentions. Of necessity, we slouch and our bodies suffer because of it. Each and every one of us could use the services of a qualified massage therapist who specializes in removing or alleviating the aches and pains we suffer as a result of our daily work habits.

But what are the basics that every office massage should entail - and can we obtain the benefits of an office massage?

In effect an office massage is very similar to a spa treatment that is supercharged into a 15-minute session - and one that can take place while the employee is seated in their normal chair. Office massage can make a significant contribution to wellness - both in terms of relaxation of the musculature and in terms of mental health. That relaxation can, in turn, lead to increased levels of productivity. The frequency of tension headaches can be decreased and blood pressure can be reduced.

It also has significant benefits when it comes to emotional health. Too often employes are subject to a work regime that forces them to become increasingly task-focused. Taking some time off to simply enjoy the therapeutic benefits of an in-office massage can do wonders for their morale. The benefits can far outweigh those that are provided by in house snacks and free coffee. Those employers who ignore its benefits may regret the decision - it simply is one of the best ways to ensure that employees are comfortable and able to focus on the task at hand, whatever the time of day.

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