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Start your own Live Video Streaming Company with Livebox

Date posted: 2018-09-21 09:25

Go ahead and take the LiveBox challenge. search everywhere and compare us with Service Providers, Consultants, or anywhere else. There’s no better functional and value for money solution than LiveBox for what you can get inside one single Box.

There are no limits  on your usage on the basic solution. We keep it very transparent to you so you can see how much CPU power and Bandwidth you use so that you can upgrade to 10G bandwidth and dedicated Multi-core processors depending on your usage.

It’s White Labelable
It has the highest number of features
It costs the lowest so you can provide competitive pricing to your clients.
Built-in IPTV, Cloud Encoding, Transcoding and Streaming. That’s all you need. Period

Whatsapp us or Call us at +91-9789-9789-81 to know more. US contact number : +1-347-509-2582

Sign up right now at https://livebox.co.in to learn more about how having your own CDN would benefit you more than using any kind of shared video streaming service.

Visit https://ivb7.com to know more about all the other products that we manufacture at our labs.

Send your enquiry to enquiry@cdtech.in.

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