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Orthodontic services - Having your teeth, jaws and lips properly aligned can do more than just give you a beautiful smile

Date posted: 2015-06-22 14:00

Did you know that nearly one out of four orthodontic patients these days is over the age of 21?

These days, more and more adults are benefiting from orthodontic braces. Having your teeth, jaws and lips properly aligned can do more than just give you a beautiful smile.

Why Orthodontics?

The most common answer to this question is “a big, beautiful smile!” Certainly, a beautiful smile provides a compelling reason for orthodontic care. But the best reason for orthodontic care is what that smile shows – healthy teeth. Orthodontic care may often be viewed as primarily cosmetic, but it’s really an important part of long-term health care.

Orthodontic problems are often very visible. Overbites, uneven teeth and misalignment of the jaw are recognizable to most people upon casual observation.

However, what isn’t visible or often known, is that correcting those issues may prevent many health concerns that, left uncorrected, could cause lifelong problems, including:

tooth decay
expensive dental care
abnormal tooth wear
gum disease
bone destruction
TMJ (jaw joint) problems
psychological stigma
even digestive difficulties
Of course, the feeling that a brilliant smile brings is certainly very important as well. Orthodontic patients and their parents consistently point to improved self-confidence as one of the major benefits of orthodontic care. And one of the best things about orthodontic treatment is that these benefits can last a lifetime. Even after treatment is finished, patients are able to enjoy a continuing positive self-image, great wedding photos, confident job interviews, improved speech and teeth that are easier to clean.

Today’s orthodontic care is appropriate for children, adolescents and adults. So, please read more about the care you are considering and may the world smile with you!

Early Treatment

The recommended age to see an orthodontist is no later than age 7. Although it is best to wait for all of the permanent teeth to be in before starting orthodontic treatment, there are a few occasions when early intervention is needed to help prevent abnormal wear of teeth, injury to protruding teeth, correct damaging habits or jaw disproportions. Underbites, overbites and crowding are also main concerns that can be evaluated during your visit so we can make sure you or your child are treated at the most appropriate age.

At your complimentary consultation, we will thoroughly evaluate facial balance and any orthodontic needs you may have along with an extensive TMJ (temporomandibular joint) evaluation. We will then determine if orthodontic treatment is indicated and when the best time to begin treatment would be.

Our office will give you the information needed to understand what the orthodontic concerns are, how they can be treated, an estimate of how much it will cost and the approximate length of treatment time needed to give your child the best possible smile and result.

Adolescent Treatment

It is best to see an orthodontist by age 7. Although most children do not need early treatment and can wait to have braces until all their adult teeth are in, about age 11-12, it is good to see an orthodontist early to evaluate their orthodontic needs for possible tooth impactions, damaging habits or other concerns that may be more difficult to treat later on.

Adult Treatment

More adults are receiving orthodontic treatment now than ever before. There is no age limit to when you can give yourself a beautiful, confident smile.

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