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How Many Days Is Required For Me to build an Application Like Zoom

Date posted: 2020-09-29 15:38

The answer for this goes both ways (pun intended), you could create an app completely from scratch or you could use a zoom clone script.
If you choose to build this from scratch, it’s going to take you some time. And we are not talking about days, it’s going to take you a few months to get it done. You’re going to need a team of good developers and the costs can vary from a good 5 to 6 figures depending on the features you plan to integrate.
The best option would be to use a zoom clone app that has tons of features already programmed in and ready to go. There are companies that provide good zoom clones and they can customize the app for your brand. Zoom is already a very popular video conferencing solution so to compete with something like that, you will need a clone that has a lot of unique and useful features for your users. Something a bit more elaborated than just making video calls and sending files.
The company you choose to go with also matters a lot because you would need technical support from them in the future to get rid of bugs and for updates. It’s a good idea to keep reinventing your platform from time to time so that customers choose to stay with your app.

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