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Phone:085 197 6894

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Car Suspension Repair in Dublin

Date posted: 2012-09-19 14:31

Car Suspension Repair in Dublin

AutoFactory Diagnosing Your Suspension Problems

Your car suspension is one of the most important auto systems.

Common car suspension problems:

• Pulling to One Side While Driving
• Bouncing over bumps or uneven roads
• Steering difficulties

Save money and time.
Before you start replacing parts, it's a good idea to do car suspension test. Test all mounting nuts and bolts to be sure the problem isn't being caused by simple looseness!

Car suspension test:
• Check tire pressure
• Check front tires for even wear and replace both front tires.
• Check and adjust wheel alignment.
• Inspect tie rods and steering rack.
• Inspect brakes for uneven wear or excessive heat. Repair as needed.
• Add steering fluid as needed.
• Test belt, tighten or replace belt if required.
• Check power steering pump - checked for pressure and replace if needed.
• Inspect steering rack for leaks and replace rack if needed.

Car Suspension Repair in Dublin
Call AutoFactory at +353 85 197 6894
Unit 18, Parkwest Enterprise Centre, Nangor Road, Dublin 12, Ireland

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