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Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Windows Outside

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Date posted: 2020-10-07 00:09

If you have already done the annual cleaning of your windows on the inside, you may want to consider doing the outside now. In fact, most people do not clean the interior portion of their windows very often. That is because they do not attract as much dirt and grime as they will on the outside. Depending upon where you live, the time of year, and your surroundings, your windows can get dirty very quickly. Here are some easy tips for cleaning your windows outside which will help improve your view from the inside.

Get A Bucket Of Water With Soap And A Sponge

The very first step that you need to take is to literally saturate the exterior of your home, preferably with a garden hose, and then take a bucket of soapy water and wash down the exterior windows immediately. Start from the top down so that you are not persistently reclaiming all of the windows that are below the others. Once that is done, you will then want to spray the windows with a water hose once again, and then you will begin the next step of the process.

Get A New Bucket Of Water With Vinegar And A Squeegee

Once you have done the initial cleaning on the outside, you will notice that streaks will start to form. This is something that will naturally occur. However, if you are able to wash your windows, and then subsequently go over them again with water with vinegar, you can eliminate the streaking process. You may even want to use a spray bottle that contains the solution. Once it is sprayed, you will then want to use the squeegee and pull down across to each window. Each time you do this, you will need to wipe off the squeegee, dip it in clean water, and repeat the process again.

Will It Take Very Long To Wash Your Windows On The Outside?

It shouldn't take very long at all to wash all of your windows if you have a standard single-family home. However, if you have a structure that has two or three stories, you will need to use a ladder, and this can be very time-consuming and awkward. Holding the bucket of water with you, along with the squeegee and spray bottle, can be quite tricky. You may need to work with another person that can hold these items for you. This, of course, will require two separate ladders that will be placed in parallel so that you can both move along rapidly to circumvent the house to complete this work.

Cleaning the outside of your windows is a much more time-consuming process than doing the inside. It's also much more difficult. There is more prep involved which includes spraying the outside of the home, followed by using the squeegee on every single window. If you can work with another person, this will speed up the process because it's difficult to hold all of these items yourself. Once you are done, the combination of vinegar and water, and properly using the squeegee, will leave you with clean windows that will not have any streaks.

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