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How to Do Dating During Covid in Ireland

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Date posted: 2020-10-14 15:46

Things have changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic. Covid has made people change their patterns and routines. One of those patterns is the one they may have used when they were regularly dating. They may have gone out every week, perhaps with a different person, to dinner or to the movies. As a result of the closures, and the social distancing that is required, people are not able to do this any longer. They can, but if they do, they run the risk of potentially catching the virus which has proven to be very detrimental. Here are some dating tips that you should use during the Covid pandemic.

Start With An Online Meeting

This is a trend that you are seeing even with the biggest dating sites now. There are ways of setting up a meeting online where you can meet each other on your computer. You can even do this by phone. It is similar to a voice chat where you are able to see the other person. The differences, it is specifically designed to allow you to learn more about them. Once you have met several people, you can then decide which one you would like to meet. However, you need to learn more vital information about each person. One of those things is to find out if they have tested positive or been around anyone that has been exposed to Covid. Finally, when you meet, you need to make sure that your first date is going to be a place that will include wearing masks.

Why Wearing Masks Is Important On Your First Date

There are two reasons that you should consider doing this. First of all, when you are wearing a mask, even though you have seen them during the live phone chat, you will pay more attention to their personality into the words that they are saying. You are not going to be interested so much in a physical relationship, but to decide whether or not this is someone that you want to spend time with. The other reason is for safety. If you are both wearing a mask, and you are not in an enclosed area for an extended period of time, both of you are going to be very safe. You should do this with every date that you go on, and by doing so you can continually expand your options toward eventually meeting someone that you really want to be with.

Wash Your Hands Immediately Once The Date Is Over

This is something that most of us are preconditioned to do anyway. However, you may be so enamored by the person that you are with, you may forget standard hygiene practices. Once you are done, you need to wash your hands very thoroughly, and also change your clothing, so that there is no possibility that anywhere that you were you would come home with any type of the Covid virus. Since this virus not only travels by air and touch, but can also linger in the air. There is the potential that it is in your clothing. After a quick shower, you will be ready to figure out if you are with the person that you want to be with after that date has concluded.

Using these simple suggestions, will be easy for you to decide if you want to date someone or not. You will get to know them, and also keep you and them safe, as a result of following these tips. Covid will eventually end, but until it does, we all need to be as safe as possible. Remember to wear your mask, use good hygiene practices, and continue to date as many people as you can safely.

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