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How to free yourself from negative self-talk (Free Lecture)

Date posted: 2017-04-20 22:28

Do you find it hard to apply 'Positive thinking'?
Is negative self-talk ruining your happiness?
Find out how to overcome low self-esteem, by learning what the REAL cause is.

Have you ever made plans in your life to do more, change your actions, be more disciplined, etc and then a month later, you find yourself having the same conversation with yourself?
Have you read motivational books that made you feel great on Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday you were back to the same old mindset again, doubting your worth, your abilities, and what you can achieve in life?

Attend this 1 hour free lecture and find out:
- Why it is so hard to make the shift from negative self-talk to positive thinking. Why is it not as easy as it sounds?
- What the real source of the negative self-talk is.
- Where self-doubt comes from.
- The basic reasons why you lack confidence in yourself.
- What you can do to permanently improve the way you think of yourself and others.

Price: Free

Tuesday, 20 September
18:00 - 19:00

Dianetics Dublin
64 Middle Abbey Street,
Dublin 1

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