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How to get what you want...

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Date posted: 2010-12-10 13:49

How to get what you want...

Quick tip; on ‘goal setting for 2011’.
If You’re seriously willing to commit
to achieving your targets, aims or
goals, you are already 90% there.

All You have to do now, is refine the goal,
be ultra specific about what you want …

Set Your Goal out in front of you for 28 days.
Set Your Goal where You will see it every day.
Set Your Goal where everyone can or will see it
(This demonstrates sincerity and commitment).

By doing it this specific way, for some strange reason,
You always achieve Your goals within two-thirds of the
allotted time frame and very often, sooner. (Always!).

This is not a boast; We achieved our 1st or No.1 Goal for 2010
we have finished 1000sADS project update and introduced
New and dynamic 1000sADS.com social media portal to our users.
Yes have to admit six month behind as planed but still we did it.
Now we on our 2nd Goal for 2011 …

Give it a go?
Let everyone know You, that You don’t just carry hopes
and aspirations, You also have a very definite and very
clear purpose for Your life & the immediate year ahead.

Copy our format below if you like,
remembering the specific steps …
I. Set Your Specific Goal.
II. Define and Refine Goal.
III. Set it out for 28 days.
IV. See Your Goal every day.
V. Share it every day.
VI. Chip away, every day.

We don’t fully understand the dynamics of how or why this works;
in our opinion ‘You don’t have to believe, for it to work for You too’.

It just does …

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