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Letting Agents Belfast | YPG Property to Let Belfast

All Ireland
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Date posted: 2020-06-16 13:00

Tips On Renting Residential Property In Belfast UK

Renting property is a great option for people in Northern Ireland. It's more flexible than any other forms of housing. You can move int the house more quickly and leave after the agreed term. Accommodation is usually furnished to a good standard, and you won't be tied to the property like buying your own house. But renting terms can vary depending on where you plan to stay in Belfast. There are many things to consider when renting residential property in Belfast. Here are some tips to consider when renting residential property in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Protected tenants are a small number of tenants who rent houses in Belfast. These tenants have different tenant rights to other tenants in Belfast. But they usually live in poor housing. These tenants have a lower rent compared to other types of private tenants in Belfast, and they cannot be evicted as easily as other tenants in the area. Most tenancies in Belfast are not protected. The tenancy agreement will outline all the conditions of the tenancy period. It includes all the conditions that the tenant agreed with the landlord or agent. Here are some of the rights of private tenants in Belfast Northern Ireland:

. The tenant has the right to a Tenant Book that contains the name of the landlord and the rental of the property
. The tenant has the right to freedom from harassment as well as illegal eviction
. The landlord should give you at least 28 day's notice and follow the due legal process before you are evicted from the property. In fact, the landlord has to go to courts before you can leave the property

In case you rented the property after 1 April 2007, you are entitled to some additional rights such as:

. If responsibilities for repairs are not clearly stated in the agreement, both the tenant and the landlord will be responsible for any repairs to the property
. If the agreement doesn't include any fixed term, or if you don't have an agreement at all, a tenancy term of six months will be applied to your tenancy

Make sure that you get the tenancy agreement from your landlord before moving in. Don't sign the agreement before thoroughly reading the contents of it. In fact, the tenancy agreement is a legal agreement that is binding you to the property you plan to rent out in Belfast. The agreement should include the amount of rent you agreed to pay and the due date, the length of the tenancy, who repairs the property, the amount of deposit and for what purposes it could be used, and any restriction on your tenancy such as pets and whether you can take in lodgers.

Most of the time, your landlord will request a deposit equivalent to a one-month rental before you move into the property. You should ask the landlord what the deposit is for before agreeing to give it. These are important tips to consider when renting residential property in Belfast in Northern Ireland.

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