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User/Project name:Red Cow Tyres Ltd
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NCT Testing & Full Car servicing in Dublin

Date posted: 2020-04-19 13:00

NCT Testing & Full Car servicing in Dublin

Red Cow Car testing centre you will find experienced technicians and top quality equipment.
As you know NCT testing has to be carried out by trained and competent persons, working with appropriate supervision in suitable premises and with safe equipment and tools.
NCT Testing - Red Cow car servicing centres offer full car servicing including a comprehensive 36 point check.
Tyre Condition
Tyre Specification
Tyre Tread
Spare Wheel and Carrier
Brake Fluid
Steering Linkage
Wheel Bearings
Front Springs
Front Suspension
Brake Lines/Hoses
Shock Absorber Condition
Electrical System
Fuel System
Brake Wheel Units
Mechanical Brake Components
Brake Master Cylinder/Servo/Valves/Connections
Exhaust System/Noise
Rear Suspension
Rear Springs
Transmission & Drive Train
Rear Fog Lamp(s)
Reverse Lamp(s)
Malfunction Indicators
Registration Plate Lamps
Exhaust Smoke (Diesel)
Exhaust CO/HC/Lambda
Service Brake Pedal
Service Brake Operation (Inspection inside the Vehicle)
Mechanical Brake Hand Actuator
Windscreen Wipers and Washers
Rear View Mirror(s)
Safety Belts
Steering Wheel Play
Doors/Locks/Anti-Theft Devices
Adaptations for Disabled Drivers
Front Wheel Side Slip
Rear Wheel Side Slip
Front Axle Suspension Performance
Rear Axle Suspension Performance
Service Brake Performance
Service Brake Imbalance
Parking Brake Performance
Parking Brake Imbalance
Towing Bracket/Coupling
Stop Lamps
Rear Lamps
Indicators/Tell Tales
Side Lamps (Front Position Lamps)
Headlamp Condition
Headlamp Aim
Auxiliary Lamp Condition & Position
Auxiliary Lamp Aim

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