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Power flushing your central heating system

Date posted: 2012-06-15 14:26

Power Flush

Power flushing is a simple and innovative way of cleaning and improving the efficiency of your central heating system.

A Power flush can restore circulation and efficiency to your central heating system by removing undesirable by-products through our quality magnectic filters. This simple process purges them from the system, replacing aggressive water with clean water, which is chemically treated with corrosion inhibitors to help prevent similar problems in the future.

Symptoms of a system in need of power flushing:

The boiler or pump is noisy
The radiators have cold spots
Reduced hot water temperature
Boiler overheats
Radiators need regular bleeding
Pump failures

Benefis after power flush:

Lower energy bills
Quicker heat up times
Radiator cold spots are cured so the full surface of the radiator heats the room
Curing of boiler noise

Boiler Manufacturers

All boiler manufacturers now insist on a complete power flush when adding a new boiler to an existing system, or a pre commission flush when installing a completely new system. The latter is to remove any excess solder and flux before adding the boiler.

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