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Marketing Tip – Domain name

Location:Dublin, Kerry, Kilkenny
Date posted: 2010-06-04 21:21

Marketing Tip – Domain name

Will correctly chosen domain name increase success of your website?
We have two factors here. One is CEO – Search Engine Optimization and second, Human factor.
1. As to SEO we require correct keywords in order to get right traffic from search engines. We all know that your Domain name is main keyword for your website, chose it wisely.
2. Secondly we have a Human factor. And as we all know in order to buy or sell on the internet trust is very important. So the question is which domain looks more trustworthy if you looking to fix your car www.kwl2k.com or www.carmechanincs.com
That’s why we advise to our users to have a correct name which represents their product or service. Your Personal Marketing Channel will look like this www.1000sADS.com/users/YOUR-CHOSEN-USER-NAME -
That’s way you need to be careful when choosing your Channel name.

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