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Suspension Repair Walkinstown

Date posted: 2014-05-07 12:33

Fast and high-quality suspension repairs.

Suspension Repair Walkinstown

Car Suspension Parts

The suspension of a car is actually part of the chassis, which comprises all of the imp­ortant systems located beneath the car's body.

These systems include:

The frame - structural, load-carrying component that supports the car's engine and body, which are in turn supported by the suspension
The suspension system - setup that supports weight, absorbs and dampens shock and helps maintain tire contact
The steering system - mechanism that enables the driver to guide and direct the vehicle
The tires and wheels - components that make vehicle motion possible by way of grip and/or friction with the road
So the suspension is just one of the major systems in any vehicle.

With this big-picture overview in mind, it's time to look at the three fundamental components of any suspension: springs, dampers and anti-sway bars.

Today's springing systems are based on one of four basic designs:

Coil springs - This is the most common type of spring and is, in essence, a heavy-duty torsion bar coiled around an axis. Coil springs compress and expand to absorb the motion of the wheels.

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