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User/Project name:Welcome to "The Irish Gathering" 2pm 28 12 2014 Phoenix park
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Welcome to "The Irish Gathering" 2pm 28 12 2014 Phoenix park

Date posted: 2014-12-30 14:00

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to "The Irish Gathering".
It has been arranged for the People By the People!
2pm to just after Dark fall.
We are looking to arrange a peaceful MASS Protest for our VERY QUIET President.
Bring your Picnic Blankets to sit on, A candle to light and wrap up as it's to be a cold one.

People sitting side by side, row by row, they can't argue numbers then can they!!!

We are holding a sit down Side by side, row by row protest. We need to be Listened to by the Government.

At the moment times and details could be changed. This needs support so please say if you can go and of corse we want to know what You, the Irish People think of this idea.

It's not JUST the Water and Irish Water that need to be addressed, it's the way this Country has been ran and will continue to be ran UNTIL WE STOP THEM!

Is this the Free Ireland that Michael Collins and All the Irish People fought and Died for? If you think Not, then Do something about it, if not for you, then the Children.

What a perfect way to spend the Last Sunday of 2014 saying NO!

We want this to happen on the 28th as it is the last Sunday of 2014 and please remember that Alan Kelly TD is due to submit a report to Troika on 1st January wherein he is supposed to renew the Irish exemption for another 7 years. He is intending to NOT renew it. We have to make it known that this is not our wish and he has no authority to do so.


Time to Stand Up Ireland

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