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Advertising on 1000sADS site

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If you need more information in relation to advertising on site, pricing, or you have other questions, please contact us.


E-mail: info@1000sADS.com

1000sADS Advertising

Technical specifications

Type of Advertising
Sise in pixels Max sise Forats Animation Grafiic effects
Billboard 750x100 40 kB *.swf *.gif *.jpeg yes yes
750x100+Expand 750x100 + 750x200 40+40 kB *.swf
750x100+Splash 750x100 + 750x200 40+40 kB *.swf
750x100+Floating skydelis 750x100 + 750x550 40+40 kB *.swf
750x100+Brandmark skydelis 750x100 + 300x300 40+40 kB *.swf
Wide skyscraper 200x300 40 kB *.swf *.gif *.jpeg
Dynamic 200x150 40 kB *.swf *.gif *.jpeg
Static 200x200 40 kB *.swf *.gif *.jpeg
Static 200x90 40 kB *.swf *.gif *.jpeg
JUMBO Dynamic
300x250 80 kB *.swf *.gif *.jpeg yes
JUMBO Static
300x250 80 kB *.swf *.gif *.jpeg


Other requirements:
· Adverticemet in 1000sADS portal you have to order at least two days in advance.
· 1000sADS does not exept responsibility for quality of advetised products or services advertised on 1000sADS site.