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Kanchipuram Sarees:traditions kept alive [1797]
The Kanchipuram Sarees have made their mark across various countries. The style of the saree is in the color itself. Simple things like temple borders, stripes and checks are some of the ancient and cultural designs found in Kanchipuram Sarees. In an original kanchipuram saree, the body and the borders...
2014-07-31 07:41
Kanchipuram Sarees [1559]
Kanchipuram saree is a conventional saree which is made by the weaver in kanchipuram. The kanchipuram sarees are famous for their texture and beautiful designs. The kanchipuram sarees are also known as sarees. The kanchipuram saree is created by heavy silk. The kanchipuram sarees are made by using...
2014-07-18 07:55

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