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The ULTIMATE Goal Setting Success Workshop 2nd Feb 2013

Date posted: 2013-02-04 10:00

The ULTIMATE Goal Setting Success Workshop
Discover How to Set, Plan and Achieve Your Goals in 2013...and for the Rest of Your Life!
1 Day Intensive Workshop

A Must-go-to Event on Goal Setting & Achieving

Date: Saturday, 2nd Feb 2013
Location: The Clyde Court Hotel
Times: 09:30AM - 4.00PM
Early Bird Rate - 1 Ticket: €97
(Regular Price €147pp)
2 Tickets Special OFFER: €147

Discover How to Set, Plan and Achieve Your Goals in 2013...and for the Rest of Your Life!

Hi there,

Most people set New Year's resolutions and Goals? Yet, what's remarkable is that come late February, March most New Year's resolutions are gone by the wayside. In fact, according to one study by the University of Bristol showed that 78% of New Year resolutions fail.

Why is this? Well, when it comes to goal setting it's a horrible reality that most people have never learnt or practised the art and science of goal setting. They know how to beat themselves up and force-feed goals that they don't REALLY want to achieve and they waste their life chasing goals that aren't even THEIRS in the first place (dooh!) nor in line with their own values and life purpose.

In addition, most people simply haven't mastered the discipline of working through their life goals with the aid of a comprehensive, easy-to-follow proven, step-by-step system. As a result, most people unfortunately end up living failed lives, feeling deeply unfulfilled and disappointed with themselves on many levels.

At Horizon, we seriously want to put a stop to this and provide individuals (and organizations) with every opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and lead truly fulfilled and extraordinary lives (both personal and business) on all levels. With this in mind the co-owners of Horizon (Keelan Cunningham & Ian Lawlor) have designed THE ULTIMATE Goal Setting Success Workshop.

Many of you will know us as having hosted (and attended) many of the worlds-best seminars on business, personal growth, finance etc. However, despite this fact, as business owners and people who are fanatical about goal setting we were still frustrated from not having come upon a system of goal setting that actually works....UNTIL NOW!

“The ULTIMATE Goal Setting Success Workshop” is the culmination of 20+ years of study, lifestyle design and practical implementation of goal programming. What you'll get access to is a unique combination of insights, tools, worksheets and life planning models that have helped countless others to date design their own a successful, personalized life roadmap.

<<<<< Watch this video interview with Keelan Cunningham to find out why most New Year's resolutions fail...

What You Will Discover on The Day How To:

Why most New Year’s Resolutions don’t work & what to do about it!
Why 3% of Harvard MBAs Make 10 Times More than the other 97% combined
How to Circle the Wheel of Life to bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be
How Gratitude can Transform your Life and even predict the future
The Life Success System That Can’t Fail…
Why your progress depends on you Being Unreasonable
How to use the Be-Do-Have Success Formula when setting your goals
How to turn your Dreams into Reality…all of the time
How to Produce, Direct and Star in the movie that is your life
The Power of Autosuggestion & Affirmations
How to Reframe your Goals to ensure you are focused on what you want and not what you don’t want
How to discover your Life Purpose…
How to write a Personal Mission Statement
How to write a Personal Development Plan
How to use the Time Management Matrix & The Rocks in the Jar methodology
How to write and Design a 1 Year Power Plan
How to Create a 30 Day Power Plan
How to use Time Blocking to increase your productivity
When and How to Delegate
Leverage – How to Create Success using Other Peoples Resources
Ways of accessing Other Peoples Resources.
The truth about False Productivity
How to Write a Stopping List!
The Gun-To-The-Head & Heart Attack Reality Check
The Key to Success in Just About Anything
New Beginnings: How to Start Over Again
The Zero-Based Thinking Technique
The 10 Minute Business Plan
Whether Staring a Business is Right for You!
25 Great Questions to Ask Yourself
How to Avoid Being Dead at 40, Buried at 70!
Your Legacy!

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